Boot process 

This is how effort looks like ! 

Seriously they gave this to me 2 days ago, and I took me a couple of houres to figure out how to do it, I think it looks … well you can see I put my heart in to it !

My mother does know how to sew, when she saw it, she said 

– Well, at least you are cute ^^

Memory album

people / places  / friends 

It’s funny how everyone has an old family album , but not everyone has an actual photo album this days (not that i know) hopefully you will be inspired to make one someday, hopefully they’re  more people like me out there   🙂

Is an Instant Camara worth it ?

When i buyout  mi Instant camara 1 thing happend

-I got asked , why would you want an old camera ?

Cons : it’s a big camera/you can’t take 2 shoots /it’s permanent,you can’t change it/uselles, your phone has more pixels than that thing/ etc.

And it was a bit of a downer , but i said to myself “i don’t care, I’m the one getting the camera ” glad I did !

Yeah, totally worth it, I’ll address all those  points 

-Yes the  fujifilm Instax mini 8 it’s a little fat and difficult tu carry around , but for me this gives the camara a cute, artsy look and with a camera strap you can use your little fat camara everywhere 

-True,  you have limited shots, and you have to think before you take photos , takes a little more effort , and honestly even if have lots of failures(wich I’ll be showing later) the ones that i like the most are usually normal pictures that look amazing with my camera.

-The photos look good ! you just need to know how to take the pictures, even if the pixels aren’t that much, they look great in a physical photo 

I don’t know if you are seeing my point in here, but what I’m trying to say is that if you are thinking about the good/bad things about istant photos , remember that this is a new/old photographic experience , if you want to try it , don’t let anyone discourage you

Type of flower ? 

Funny, i have no idea of what type of flower this one is , but it’s beautiful  right ? 

It’s in my neighbors yard , I’ve  seen this guy (i don’t know his name) working houres every weekend , and at first i tough he was wasting his time, but i kinda like his garden now even if our gardens are really small, you can see how much he cares.

Hopefully I’ll be  as dedicated to something as he is with his garden.

Film in development 

In development ? I just wanted to show how the photo looks from start to the end , the process takes about 3 minutes (to much time?) not really… I don’t know if it is just me , but seeing how a ‘special moment’ comes to reality, it’s totally worth it ! 

And quick advice , if you have a fujifilm film have patience it will develop ! it may look  white at first as I said before it takes like 2-3 minutes in normal light or darkness , in front of the sunlight it’s a different story , it takes like 6 to 7 minutes ; if you have something like a pocket you could put them into it will make things faster 😀

BTW I’m using the Fujifilm Instax mini 8  , I think the results are similar in every fujifilm camera , but just for you to know.


Hard day at work! 

best thing to do ? Go and take pictures Of course!! walk and find something beautiful , it was something really random (WARNING only walk in a save places ^,^ ) actually I was really stressed out , and just seeing how a little butterfly stays chill with this type weather and while a stranger takes pictures of her/him , fills me with determination 🙂 

Why photos ??

I know it’s not something new to be thrilled with pictures, we even have new terms cof ‘selfie’ cof , and if you really think about it we don’t buy phones any more , we buy amazing cámaras! I’ll be reveling my personal love with this media in time  , so please be as thrilled as you were with your 1• picture while you see my pictures …because for me this is a new experience ♡

 In here I’ll have Samsung’s s7 photos – some old pictures -Sony X 5 compact – and the hardest ones yet -Instax  photos (in case you wonder)  enjoy my beautiful Atari ! 

1• post 

My photos and faces , is this a weird name?  well… I don’t really know, but ! It’s the only one came up with.

 P&Faces  will have -》photos ,facts and tips (*and I’ll be glad if you give even better advices) 

Hope you enjoy this new blog as much as I do