Little secret garden

I felt like a professional once more, it’s like if framing a moment ♡ how it should be

Being honest I was feeling a little down lately, because I didn’t have much money for the films I like (at least in my country they are expensive ) but now I’m back 😉

There’s a little garden by the side of the street, which is pretty amazing but not a lot of people see it, since they’re always rush out to get somewhere else 

The pics are gorgeous 🙂  sadly I didn’t have much film for my instax camara, but I’ll go back there with more photos and filters, for the next time I will be ready ! And also a moment to look at cool secret gardens.

Special night with bff

It has been 8 years since I’ve met my best friend !

(Yes I know selfie s are a little cliche, but there are cute :3  )

Even when we are apart she talks to me with the same confidence as always and goes with me in places she usually doesn’t.

Also and more important , she understands my obsession with photos ♡

New album inspiration ? 

Heyy, that’s not a photo album, it’s actually a credit card holder, but it look great for my own pictures I think.

I’ve being thinking how to keep all my photos, because I literally have more that I can count at this moment which is a little crazy, but still they are just a lot of memories… and there’s nothing to complain about !

Soon I will find more ways to keep them, and I’ll share it of course 😀

Memory album

people / places  / friends 

It’s funny how everyone has an old family album , but not everyone has an actual photo album this days (not that i know) hopefully you will be inspired to make one someday, hopefully they’re  more people like me out there   🙂

Is an Instant Camara worth it ?

When i buyout  mi Instant camara 1 thing happend

-I got asked , why would you want an old camera ?

Cons : it’s a big camera/you can’t take 2 shoots /it’s permanent,you can’t change it/uselles, your phone has more pixels than that thing/ etc.

And it was a bit of a downer , but i said to myself “i don’t care, I’m the one getting the camera ” glad I did !

Yeah, totally worth it, I’ll address all those  points 

-Yes the  fujifilm Instax mini 8 it’s a little fat and difficult tu carry around , but for me this gives the camara a cute, artsy look and with a camera strap you can use your little fat camara everywhere 

-True,  you have limited shots, and you have to think before you take photos , takes a little more effort , and honestly even if have lots of failures(wich I’ll be showing later) the ones that i like the most are usually normal pictures that look amazing with my camera.

-The photos look good ! you just need to know how to take the pictures, even if the pixels aren’t that much, they look great in a physical photo 

I don’t know if you are seeing my point in here, but what I’m trying to say is that if you are thinking about the good/bad things about istant photos , remember that this is a new/old photographic experience , if you want to try it , don’t let anyone discourage you

Film in development 

In development ? I just wanted to show how the photo looks from start to the end , the process takes about 3 minutes (to much time?) not really… I don’t know if it is just me , but seeing how a ‘special moment’ comes to reality, it’s totally worth it ! 

And quick advice , if you have a fujifilm film have patience it will develop ! it may look  white at first as I said before it takes like 2-3 minutes in normal light or darkness , in front of the sunlight it’s a different story , it takes like 6 to 7 minutes ; if you have something like a pocket you could put them into it will make things faster 😀

BTW I’m using the Fujifilm Instax mini 8  , I think the results are similar in every fujifilm camera , but just for you to know.