The Phantom of the Opera is my Christmas present, sadly my friends have no money for me and I’m a grownup soo it’s 


To: ME

😂 anyway , I just read started it , looks really promising, and fulfill with mystery/ just taking pictures of an ancient book (in ancient new cover)

Rogue one !

Yes i know this isn’t related with pictures, just wanted to share my popcorn and my amazement with you ☆

I love it ! So many badass moments 😎

My pets 

This cute old puppy is Lulu, she has been around since I’m 12, weird enough she is the only one that kinda acts a little like me 🙂

Oh Holly, she is younger than Lulu but she has back problems already, a completely different tipe of gal this dog is the classic stereotype of the cute dumb giant puppy.

And the “new” one Atari, there’s a lot to say about her, but to summed things up, she’s cute, evil and very energetic.

I love them all,it’s really funny to see how different from each other they are, honestly I can’t imagine a live without  my girls :3

Boot process 

This is how effort looks like ! 

Seriously they gave this to me 2 days ago, and I took me a couple of houres to figure out how to do it, I think it looks … well you can see I put my heart in to it !

My mother does know how to sew, when she saw it, she said 

– Well, at least you are cute ^^

Memory album

people / places  / friends 

It’s funny how everyone has an old family album , but not everyone has an actual photo album this days (not that i know) hopefully you will be inspired to make one someday, hopefully they’re  more people like me out there   🙂