Is an Instant Camara worth it ?

When i buyout  mi Instant camara 1 thing happend

-I got asked , why would you want an old camera ?

Cons : it’s a big camera/you can’t take 2 shoots /it’s permanent,you can’t change it/uselles, your phone has more pixels than that thing/ etc.

And it was a bit of a downer , but i said to myself “i don’t care, I’m the one getting the camera ” glad I did !

Yeah, totally worth it, I’ll address all those  points 

-Yes the  fujifilm Instax mini 8 it’s a little fat and difficult tu carry around , but for me this gives the camara a cute, artsy look and with a camera strap you can use your little fat camara everywhere 

-True,  you have limited shots, and you have to think before you take photos , takes a little more effort , and honestly even if have lots of failures(wich I’ll be showing later) the ones that i like the most are usually normal pictures that look amazing with my camera.

-The photos look good ! you just need to know how to take the pictures, even if the pixels aren’t that much, they look great in a physical photo 

I don’t know if you are seeing my point in here, but what I’m trying to say is that if you are thinking about the good/bad things about istant photos , remember that this is a new/old photographic experience , if you want to try it , don’t let anyone discourage you


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