Little secret garden

I felt like a professional once more, it’s like if framing a moment ♡ how it should be

Being honest I was feeling a little down lately, because I didn’t have much money for the films I like (at least in my country they are expensive ) but now I’m back 😉

There’s a little garden by the side of the street, which is pretty amazing but not a lot of people see it, since they’re always rush out to get somewhere else 

The pics are gorgeous 🙂  sadly I didn’t have much film for my instax camara, but I’ll go back there with more photos and filters, for the next time I will be ready ! And also a moment to look at cool secret gardens.

Special night with bff

It has been 8 years since I’ve met my best friend !

(Yes I know selfie s are a little cliche, but there are cute :3  )

Even when we are apart she talks to me with the same confidence as always and goes with me in places she usually doesn’t.

Also and more important , she understands my obsession with photos ♡

New album inspiration ? 

Heyy, that’s not a photo album, it’s actually a credit card holder, but it look great for my own pictures I think.

I’ve being thinking how to keep all my photos, because I literally have more that I can count at this moment which is a little crazy, but still they are just a lot of memories… and there’s nothing to complain about !

Soon I will find more ways to keep them, and I’ll share it of course 😀

Expusure !

Hi!  I’ve been gone for a while.

Actually, when I started this blog I was completely sure that I’ve managed the fujifilm tecnic but I have much to learn, specially with (my mortal enemy) the flash.

I love the vintage effect, but sometimes it over exposures some pictures, like the yellow camara that looks white on Instax.

Ah, just have to keep being patience and learn!

Traveling in your own country ♢

Ruins of an old church ! Not as creepy as I thought at first, actually is quite beautiful and breath taking.

The story behind the ruins:

Well this is the 1st church that was billed in my country, they billed this church 3 times and in all cases an earthquake took them away, they are many theorys about what really happened, but I like how much history this building has.


The Phantom of the Opera is my Christmas present, sadly my friends have no money for me and I’m a grownup soo it’s 


To: ME

😂 anyway , I just read started it , looks really promising, and fulfill with mystery/ just taking pictures of an ancient book (in ancient new cover)

Rogue one !

Yes i know this isn’t related with pictures, just wanted to share my popcorn and my amazement with you ☆

I love it ! So many badass moments 😎

My pets 

This cute old puppy is Lulu, she has been around since I’m 12, weird enough she is the only one that kinda acts a little like me 🙂

Oh Holly, she is younger than Lulu but she has back problems already, a completely different tipe of gal this dog is the classic stereotype of the cute dumb giant puppy.

And the “new” one Atari, there’s a lot to say about her, but to summed things up, she’s cute, evil and very energetic.

I love them all,it’s really funny to see how different from each other they are, honestly I can’t imagine a live without  my girls :3